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Oh my goodness Beautiful, I have something SO exciting I want to share with you! 

Going through a spiritual awakening, or deep internal shifts as a woman in todays world is NOT easy. 

And truthfully, it can be really lonely at times.

So I wanted to create a space filled with like-minded women so you could have the tools and community and to live a fully intuitive, awakened, authentic, spiritual life. 

A space you can come to share the deep and profound goals and desires you have for your life and family. 

A space where if you hit a bump on your road and need support and guidance there would be a sisterhood women right there behind you to remind you of the truth and magic of WHO you TRULY are and what IS actually possible.

A space that that will lift you up, inspire you and support you in navigating the ups and downs the accompany a spiritual awakening! 
Because, deep within your SOUL you've always KNOWN that you were different!
You see the world through a different lens.

You believe in the magic and miracles of the universe. 

You're waking up to your true self and calling in the world. 

 I know that your old ways of doing things no longer feel aligned.

You want to trust your intuition and all that is waking up inside of you. 

You KNOW that you're READY to live a fully conscious awakened life but you’ve been searching for the RIGHT support to help you navigate the journey. 

If you're heart is saying YES! YES! YES! 

Then you are in the right place! 
Molly Nichols School Of Awakened and Intuitive Living
An online community/membership for women who are ready to get the tools and ongoing support to follow the call of their soul’s knowing to live a fully authentic, awakened, intuitive, spiritual life. 
Having Community is Essential!  
One of the things I’m the most grateful for as I've been going through my own spiritual awakening and owning who I am and what I want from life has been...

 The amazingly supportive mentors and women I’ve had in my corner. 

Women who knew when I needed to be held energetically, but also when I needed to be challenged.

Women who I could learn from and grow with! 

Women who have held my vision for my life WITH me. 

Women who celebrate my successes and inspire me to grow and expand.

And I want that same for YOU!
What if you could show up as ALL of you and be surrounded by others who LOVE that about you! 
Total FREEDOM to be YOU!
  •  No more feeling alone or isolated
  •  No more hiding the magic that is within you
  •  No more compromising on what you really want 
  •  No more trying to fit in a box that someone else has created for you 
This is what the School of Awakened and Intuitive Living Is ALL About!  
You falling in love with yourself, who you are and who you're becoming. 

A space to explore all that is going on in your inner mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual world. 

You don't have to navigate your spiritual awakening alone any longer. 
Here Are Just a Few Topics I’ll Be Covering:
  • Exploring your relationship with your intuition, higher knowing and spiritual gifts.
  • How to set soul-aligned goals and intentions for yourself and watch them come to fruition and transform your life.
  • How to uncover and clear limiting thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you stuck or in an indecisive energy.
  • How to raise your vibrations and clear your energy.
  • How to take responsibility for your energy and experience in life.
  • Why it’s time to STOP compromising on what you truly desire for life. It’s time to HAVE IT ALL.
  • Awakened and conscious parenting styles and techniques.   
  • Stepping into the powerful, magical woman you are. No more holding back, hiding or playing small. 
  • And so much more...
It can become really hard to manifest the life of your dreams when you’re doing it alone or don’t have the tools or enough loving power and energy backing you. 

Yes, you can of course get it done alone because that’s the magic of who you are… 

But, why would you want to when it can be so much easier and fun! 
Here’s What YOU Get EVERY Month In Addition To Being a Part Of This Incredible Community! 
  • One monthly Awakened and Intuitive Life workshop: Each month we’ll deep dive into a different topic around living an awakened, intuitive, authentic, spiritual life. 
  • One monthly Life is Magic Q&A session: Get any and all of your questions answered around living a fully authentic, awakened, intuitive, spiritual life. Ask about life, family, fertility, parenting, business, relationships, etc. These calls will also be a space for us to create community, for you to share your goals and desires for the future + anything else you are celebrating in your life.  
  • One (or more) monthly Guided Meditation/Visualization: You’ll get a new monthly guided meditation and visualization to support you in energetically taking your life to the next level. 
  • Monthly Guest Expert Master Classes: I’ll be inviting incredible female guest experts to join us each month to teach and talk about all things intuitive, awakened, authentic, spiritual living.
  • Facebook Mastermind Group: Get daily support from our magical community of women in our Facebook Mastermind Group. This will be a place for you to ask questions, share your success, as well as to ask for support, love and guidance when you need it. The energy of this group is going to be magnetic, energizing and totally empowering. 
  • 50% OFF Discount: You’ll get 50% off all current or future programs while enrolled in the membership (minus 1:1 coaching offerings).   
I would describe myself as a rational woman with radical beliefs of what I know is possible in this life. 

And truthfully, I've always had a gift for seeing what was possible for others, even when they could not at the time see it for themselves. 
And what I’ve seen over and over again is that when you mix powerful spiritual principles with practical inspired action, while backed by a group of powerful women who see the magic and what is possible for you...
You Become FREE and Unstoppable! 
So, if you...

 Are a sensitive woman who loves and cares deeply...

Are evolving, shifting and waking up...

Want to follow your intuition to call forth what YOU truly desire in ALL areas of YOUR life...

Believe in the magic and miracles of the universe...

Are not afraid to roll up YOUR sleeves to do the work to get what YOU want...

Are a seeker, dreamer, deep thinker, light worker or healer...

If YOU’RE ready to get the tools and ongoing support to follow the call of your soul’s knowing by living a fully authentic, awakened, intuitive, spiritual life...

SAY YES to yourself right NOW and join me in the School of Awakened and Intuitive Living! 

Journaling 101 Workshop and Handout (Valued at $77)
In this video training + worksheet I teach you why and how journaling can change your life and rapidly speed up how you want to feel and what you want to call forward in your life. 
Wild Women Visualization (Valued at $47)
This visualization will support you in connecting with the wild, magical, free, loving essence of who you are. You’ll get deep inner wisdom from your higher self in this visualization. 

Get your first month of the School of Awakened and Intuitive Living today for ONLY a $27 then $67/month after. 
  •  Monthly Awakened and Intuitive Living Workshops
  •  Guided Visualizations/Meditations 
  •  Q&A Sessions 
  •  Online Community 
  • Guest Expert Master Classes
  • Energy Work
  • Journaling Prompts
  • Affirmations 
  • Discounts on current and future programs and offerings
  • BONUS: Journaling 101 Workshop and Handout (Valued at $77)
  • BONUS: Wild Women Visualization (Valued at $47) 
Monthly Goodness + $124 in Bonuses! 

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It's time to FULLY love who you are and to design the LIFE that you TRULY desire! 

  •  Have me as mentor
  •  Be a part of an incredible community of inspirational like minded women
  •  Set and achieve your TRUE goals and intentions 
  •  Give yourself permission to fully step back into your authentic self. 
  •  Let go of what is not working in life
  •  Transform your limiting thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you stuck
  •  Learn and implement spiritual practices for a magical life
  • Learn how to balance and clear your energy
  •  Trust yourself more 
  • Get intuitive loving guidance
  • And more...
If you're ready to get the tools and ongoing support to follow the call of your soul’s knowing by living a fully authentic, awakened, intuitive, spiritual life... 

Sending you love and the biggest hug,


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