Learn How To Open And Prime Your Womb And Body For Conception While Creating Space And Calling Your Baby Into Your Heart, Womb And Life.
Hello Beautiful, 

I have something really special I want to share with you today. 

See, I know there’s an endless list of things that you’ve been told that you need to do to support your fertility.

And you’ve been doing your best to follow ALL the rules. 

Trying to check the boxes, crack the code and get the formula perfect. 

But the harder you’ve been trying, the more disconnected you’ve been feeling, right?

You want to trust, surrender and let go, but this drive within you just won’t let you slow down.

Because something within you keeps you in motion, leading you to believe that if you can get it all perfect, only then will you be able to become pregnant and fulfill your dream of having your first or your next baby.  

But, here’s the truth…

You DO NOT have to BE or GET things perfect to become pregnant and to have your baby. 

Babies come in less than perfect circumstances all the time.

So, I invite you to check in with yourself in this moment and to see if your baby may be inviting you to take a different approach! 

Inviting you to slow down and to make space for them…

Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically and physically.

Making space for them in...

Your mind
Your heart
Your womb
And your life
If you’re lost in all the DOing, moving through your journey with your head down, you could very well be missing the Divine guidance that is being shared with you from above, from within and from your baby. 
So, do you FEEL that space is needed?
If so, I want to invite you to join me in my new fertility healing intensive…
Learn how to open and prime your womb and body for conception while creating space and calling your baby into your heart, womb and life.
  • ​You feel stressed, sad or overwhelmed by your fertility journey and you’re ready to feel more positive and energized. 
  • ​You would describe yourself as a perfectionist or a type A personality.
  • ​You’ve experienced one or more failed fertility treatment cycles and are preparing for your next cycle.
  • ​You’re struggling with PCOS, endometriosis, or fibroids and you want to get tools that can support you in managing your symptoms while maximizing your fertility. 
  • ​You want to learn how to prime your mind and body to maximize your chances of conception. 
  • ​You’ve suffered one or more miscarriages and are worried about experiencing another loss. 
  • ​You want to find clarity and to feel confident in the next steps you choose to take on your journey. 
  • ​You have unexplained infertility and you feel really frustrated because you’re not sure what else you can do.  
  • ​You are worried about your age and your fertility and feel like, with each cycle that passes, you’re running out of time. 
  • ​You’ve been doing a ton to support your fertility, yet you’re worried that you’re not doing enough.
Thank you so much for helping to bring my baby to me! Life has never been better! 
I  am pregnant!! I want to thank you for all of your positivity, it really has helped me.  I know you and your programs are an integral part of me becoming pregnant. For the first time I could actually visualize and see myself pregnant at all stages, and delivery and after. Thank you from the depths of my heart. 
Hi Love, I'm Molly Nichols!
I'm a renowned fertility coach, certified energy healer, and spiritual teacher who specializes in guiding women on how to uncover and heal the deeper mental, emotional, and spiritual causes of infertility through the use of fertility visualizations, spiritual practices, and an understanding of the mind-body connection to fertility.  

My unique approach to healing infertility first supported me in finally becoming pregnant after 7 years of infertility (and with twins). 

I have now helped 100's of women around the world in becoming pregnant too and and in finding their unique pathway to motherhood both naturally and with fertility treatments.   
The inspiration for this course came through when I unexpectedly found out I was pregnant… at 41 years old! 
It was unexpected because at the time, my life was FAR from perfect in SO many ways based on the traditional fertility rules and guidelines. 

However, at the same time, my daily self care practices and the deep inner mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic work I was doing were making space in the physical for my baby. 

YES! There were specific things that I did and have continued to DO that I believe had the largest impact on me becoming pregnant in my 40’s. 

In Making Space For Baby, I’ll be breaking down step-by-step what I did, as well as sharing the things that have continued to cause the most rapid pregnancy results in my clients over the last 8 years. 
I just found out that I’m pregnant! You helped me see things in a different way and truly feel it made all the difference. We got pregnant with our last frozen embryo. I’m over the moon and want to thank you! I’ll continue with your program to keep the support, visualization, and this beautiful sense of trust and inner strength going. Thank you for the work you do. 

Jennifer- 41 years old
Your course gave me the 1 degree shift that I needed that helped me to get pregnant during the course! Thank you so much for changing everything for me. I am so happy to finally be pregnant, we had our six week scan yesterday and saw a heartbeat, which was magical.

  • ​How to clear your womb of old energy and emotions that may be causing physical issues and problems with your reproductive system.  
  • ​How to stop worrying about your age and your fertility so you can begin to uncover your true path to pregnancy and motherhood. 
  • ​How to connect with your spirit baby and the steps you need to take to call them into your heart, womb and life. 
  • ​How to find clarity and confidence in the things YOU need to do that will dramatically increase your fertility and chances of pregnancy.
  • ​Why getting pregnant is not about DOing what everyone else thinks is best for you, but uncovering what, in your heart, YOU know is best for you. 
  • ​How to surrender and let go of all the perfectionism attached to trying to have your baby, so you can feel more grounded and hopeful and less worried and overwhelmed.
  • ​How to connect with and open your womb energetically to prepare her to receive and grow your baby. 
If you feel like you’ve tried everything to have your baby...

If you’ve been searching high and low to figure out WHY you’ve not been able to become pregnant or stay pregnant...

I can honestly tell you that there is likely something deeper going on under the surface that is impacting your fertility.

Something that no special diet, supplement, herb or fertility treatment is going to fix. 

Yes, these things may support you for a time, but if you do not go deeper to uncover the root of your struggle, clear it, and call in something different….

Your fertility journey will continue to feel like an uphill battle each step of the way. 

You’re going to have to make some changes, not only for your baby, but also so that you’re able to simultaneously create a joyful, happy life. 

And I know that somewhere within you…

YOU already know this! 

You can feel it. 

It’s time for a change. 

It’s time for a different approach. 

Time to make space for your baby, so you finally have the family and the life that you truly desire! 

  •  3 Fertility Workshops: Each workshop is filled with tools, and practical steps and strategies to support you in priming your womb for conception, massively reducing your fertility fears and stresses, and creating space for your baby in your heart, womb and life, ultimately increasing your chances of pregnancy. 
  • 3 Fertility Visualizations:​ Each visualization shared is designed to support all areas of your fertility at the same time. Visualizations include a womb opening, clearing and activation, joyful pregnancy and motherhood, plus a spirit baby blessing with a sacred soul to soul invitation for them to join you in this life.
  • Fertility Affirmations: Specific affirmations are shared with each workshop so you can maintain the fertile mindset, energy and intention that you cultivate during the course. 
  • Journaling Prompts:  Using the provided fertility journaling prompts is going to support you in gaining deeper insight into where your unique fertility blocks reside and how to clear them. They will also be an additional tool to connect you with the vision and energy of what you truly desire for yourself and your family! 
  • Plus, huge shifts in energy, perspectives and beliefs...
  •  AS SOON AS YOU ENROLL: As soon as you enroll you'll be sent the link to access all of the course content.  Making space for baby is an intensive program meaning that the three workshops can be listened to over the course of 2 weeks. ( But, if you would like to move through the course a bit slower that works well too). However you choose to move through the course you'll be cultivating massive shifts in a short period of time!
  • LIFETIME ACCESS: All workshops will are hosted on our download page in video and audio format. You’ll get lifetime access to all of the downloads so you’ll be able to come back to the sessions and visualizations over and over again to maximize the benefits of the course. 
  • HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS: True transformation is obtained through repetition. By adding new thoughts, new energy and connecting with your baby on a daily basis through listening to the visualizations, you’ll be able to supercharge your results from the course. Each visualization will be shared on a separate MP3 so they are easy to access and listen to and so you can get the maximum fertility healing benefits from each of them.
"After listening to your program, I successfully became pregnant and am now holding my healthy gorgeous 17 day old son as I type this. I am 44 years old and we got pregnant with IVF using my own eggs!"
Molly's expertise went beyond anything I could have imagined. She was totally able to provide me the support I needed as my wife and I began the process of navigating our next donor sperm IUI cycle. I’m so excited to share that I am now pregnant! Working with her has brought me to a new level of spiritual awakening and I am forever grateful for that!
Molly is a visionary and true leader in the women's health and fertility space. I have personally watched her help 100's upon 100's of women get pregnant over the years using her unique guided fertility visualizations. This includes countless women who were told they would have trouble conceiving and many others who were told they could never get pregnant! Molly's passion shines through in every aspect of her work, and her gifts and talent are unmatched in the industry.
Nicole Jardim, Certified Women's Health Coach & author of The Happy Balance and Fix Your Period
This WILL BE unique to any other fertility course you’ve been through.
You're  going to go deep. 

You're  going to clear the old. 

You're going to call forward your fertile energy. 

The fertile energy that is within you! 

You're going to make space on all levels for your baby! 
So are you ready? 
If YES, join me in Making Space For Baby Today! 
Because, you’re not going to believe the price! 
Enroll TODAY For ONLY....

>> $167 <<
REFUND POLICY: Please note that because you'll receive immediate access to all of the course downloads as soon as you enroll all Making Space For Baby sales will be final and no refunds will be provided. If you have any questions please email us a support@mollynichols.com before enrolling. 
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