Ready to Add a Powerful Guided Fertility Visualization Practice to Your Fertility Treatment Regimen, As Well As Have Tons of Tools and Support As You Navigate Your First or Next Treatment Cycle? 
Hi Beautiful! 
Do you have an IVF, FET or Egg Donation cycle scheduled in the coming weeks or months, and are already feeling the anxiety, pressure and overwhelm around what’s to come?

Have you been through one or more unsuccessful IVF, FET or Egg Donation cycle and the fear of another failure keeps you up at night?

Do you want to make sure that you’re doing EVERYTHING you can to support your chances of maximizing your results at each phase of your fertility treatment cycle... lots of healthy eggs and embryos, a think lush womb lining, as well as becoming pregnant during your first or next treatment cycle? 

If yes, you’re in the right place

Making the choice to use fertility treatments to conceive your baby comes with a roller coaster of emotions.

You invest so much mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially, as well as your time and energy. 

Then add the deep and profound desire you have in your heart to have a baby, worries about age, time and any diagnosis you’ve been given…

And the pendulum of emotions can swing from extreme highs to extreme lows and back again over and over throughout the course of one day. 

How do I know?

I’ve been there too!

Hi, I’m Molly Nichols! 
I'm a mama of three beautiful souls, renowned fertility coach, spiritual teacher and healer, and a passionate advocate for awakened and intuitive living. 

And my twins were conceived through IVF after 7 years of infertility. 
And the mind-body fertility tools that supported me in finally becoming pregnant (with TWINS) after 7 years of infertility have now also supported countless women around the world in becoming pregnant too through IVF, FET and Egg Donation!
Including women who've...
  • Deep fears about their age and their fertility 
  • Been through numerous unsuccessful treatment cycles
  • Had multiple losses
  • Become mama's on their own
  • Struggled with thin uterine lining 
  • Had low response from the fertility medications
  • Had poor quality eggs or embryos 
  • Been coping with unexplained infertility, PCOS and Endometriosis 
Plus, women in their 40’s who’ve conceived their babies with their own eggs and through egg donation. 
I'm 44 and We Got Pregnant With IVF Using My Own Eggs
  "After listening to your program, I successfully became pregnant and am now holding my healthy gorgeous 17 day old son as I type this. I am 44 years old and we got pregnant with IVF using my own eggs!" -Cheryl
Today, I’m a mama of 3. I had my 2nd miracle pregnancy occur naturally as I was preparing for a frozen embryo transfer.

The amount of pregnancy announcements I receive each year never ceases to blow me away.

 Women who were told their chances of having a baby were slim, yet today they're pregnant or have already given birth to their baby(s)! 
NOW I want the same for you! 
If you know that you’ll be using IVF, FET or Egg Donation to try to have a baby, I want to invite you to join me in my one-of-a-kind fertility program:
Never Before Has There Been a Fertility Program Designed With Transformational Workshops, Journaling Prompts, Affirmations  and Guided Visualizations To Specifically Support YOU At Each Stage of Your Fertility Treatment Cycle!
If you have an upcoming IVF, FET or Egg Donation cycle on the books, I know that you’ve likely been doing everything you can to prepare your body for your upcoming cycle because you want the best possible outcome, right? 

But, have you been preparing mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually for your treatment cycle?

Doing the inner work to really look at your beliefs, fears and worries around your fertility and what is truly possible for you in this life! 

To create time and space before and during your cycle to connect with yourself, your body and your future baby. 

Because, here’s the thing….

You’re using this beautiful science/technology to support the physical aspects of conception happening.

But, what most women miss is that there is still the mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of becoming pregnant that need to be supported for pregnancy to happen.

Because, getting pregnant from IVF, FET and Egg Donation is not one dimensional.

You’re inviting another human being (your baby) into your womb, body and life.

What’s happening in your doctor's office is ONLY one piece of the puzzle!

And I want you to have the support and tools to navigate your treatment cycle to ensure you’re giving yourself the best possible outcome at each stage of your treatment cycle.
With the added stress and pressure that comes with IVF and Egg Donation, I truly believe that the biggest mistake you can make is not to have the mental and emotional support needed as you navigate your cycle start to finish.
My Lining Has Increased
  "Hi Molly, I just really wanted to also share with you how my lining has increased from 3mm to 9mm in the past 2 months since listening to the fertility sessions. I truly believe they are the reason. And my eggs have been a great size too." -Jane 42 yrs.
So, may I ask you...
  • Do you KNOW you'll be using IVF , FET or Egg Donation to have your baby?
  • Have you already experienced one or more failed IVF, FET, or Egg Donation cycles?
  • Are you in your 40’s and you’ve been told that your age is the cause of your fertility struggles?
  • Are you doing several egg collections in advance for later frozen transfers? 
  • Are you a woman who wants to become a mama on your own?
  • Have you made the choice to go through Egg Donation but you’re still not sure if it’s 100% the right choice ?
  • Have you suffered one or more miscarriages?
  • Do you want to connect with the spirit of your baby while going through fertility treatments?
  • Have you had a hard time staying hopeful and optimistic during your treatment cycles, especially through the two week wait?
  • Have you been struggling with a thin womb lining, or low egg quality or quantity?
  • Do you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to increase your odds of pregnancy?
  • Do you know in your gut that your mind is impacting your fertility?  
If YOU answered YES to ANY of these questions...
I'm Blown Away! 
  "Hi Molly, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say WOWWW I just did the first session of Fertilize - Preparation and I’m blown away. It’s simply amazing. I have shifted beliefs and fears already. That heart box was amazing and the visualizations were so powerful. I can’t thank you enough for this program. Looking forward to completing the other sessions in it.”
I get excited to do my injections every night!.. 
“Molly, your Fertilize program is so amazing!! In the first 30 minutes of the Preparation Session for Fertilize, I was able to reframe my fears around the retrieval, and actually felt excited for it, rather than scared. I get excited to do my injections every night, our labwork is coming back perfectly, and I feel good in my body. I'm someone who is prone to anxiety, and have had to do a lot of work on my mental health, and I am so grateful to feel so amazing during this process, and I know that it's because of Molly's program. She is pure love, and magic, and a true healer. I am so grateful for her, and the work she is doing. UPDATE: My cycle work and I am pregnant!" -Hayley 
In a large federally-funded study run by the Domar Center, they found that 55% of previously infertile women who regularly met in a mind body infertility program conceived within 6 months after the program, and about 95% became moms somehow within two years. 

 Weekly sessions, guided fertility visualizations, affirmations and workbooks exercises to correlate with each phase of your fertility treatment cycle.  

In session one you’ll outline how you want to feel, mind, body and spirit, as you move through each phase of your treatment cycle. 

You’ll begin to identify and release your current fertility blocks, fears and worries so you can show up in your cycle feeling optimistic, grounded and even excited

This session’s visualization will support you in mentally and emotionally connecting with your body, your womb, your baby and with the best possible outcome for your cycle.
In session two you'll learn powerful practices to support you mentally, physically and energetically during the egg stimulation process. And how to view and receive your medications into your body so that you feel they are supporting and nourishing your body. 

If you are going through Egg Donation: I'll be sharing how you can connect with your egg donor’s eggs to support you in deepening your connection with them. 

This session’s visualization will be centered around connecting with and sending love to your eggs or the eggs of your egg donor (your egg donor’s eggs are your eggs). Each egg is a possibility of life and it’s important that you see the potent possibility of life and love in each of your eggs. 
Session Three: RETRIEVAL 
Session three will be centered around the egg retrieval process and what you can do before and after the retrieval to stay connected with your eggs and also fertilized embryos. Each of your embryos is the vessel that could potentially bring you your baby. 

This session’s visualization will be centered around connecting with your embryos as well as you'll connect with your spirit baby and invite them into your embryo, womb and life.  

BONUS FROZEN EMBRYO VISUALIZATION: For those that already have frozen embryos and will not have a retrieval during their cycle, I will be sharing a bonus visualization to support you in connecting with your frozen embryos. 
Session Four: TRANSFER
In session four we’ll discuss best practices on how to prepare for transfer day, what to do during your transfer to make the moment special, as well as how to take care of yourself after your transfer to help your little embryo(s) stick.  

The visualization for this session will be focused around your sweet embryo snuggling into your womb and beginning to grow and develop. You will connect with your body and your baby and the possibility of being pregnant!  
In session five you'll create a powerful strategy for how best to keep your mind and body balanced as you wait for your test results. I’ll be sharing fast practical ways to shift your thinking to support you in staying optimistic through your two week wait. 

The visualization for this session will be one to support you in staying connected to your baby, and what you desire for the future of your family. 
Session Six: PREGNANCY
In session six you'll focus on what to do when you get the joyful news that you’re pregnant after fertility treatments. Many women are surprised by how many emotions come up when they get the call from their doctor that they are pregnant. I want you to feel joyful and prepared so you can best support yourself in navigating the first weeks and months of your pregnancy.

This session’s visualization will focus around staying connected to your baby and your pregnant body as well as how you want to feel as you move through your pregnancy. 
During this group Q&A replay session I answer  questions you have around the fertility journey or treatment cycles from a mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual standpoint. 
Spiritual Embryo: A bonus Master Class with Spirit Baby Medium Kelly Meehan 
(Value $167)
In this workshop Kelly and I will talk about the deeper spiritual essence of your embryos, how they are the vessels that will become your baby and how you can connect with your embryos on a deeper level.
You’re Not a Failure Bonus Session (Value $147)
The thought of having an unsuccessful cycle can bring about a ton of overwhelm and anxiety. This workshop will support you in lessening some of the fear and worry you may have around your cycle not working, prepare you with tools and support to take care of your mental and emotional well-being if you do happen to have an unsuccessful cycle, as well as how to feel confident in choosing what the next best steps should be from a place that feels grounded in your higher knowing, NOT fear.  
Spirit Baby Sessions (Value $347)
This is a profound 6-session program with guided visualizations to support you bonding with your baby before conception as well as navigating your unique connection with the spirit of your future child.
Preparing For Pregnancy After Infertility (Value $347)
A transformational course to support you once you get the joyful new that you are pregnant!  This course includes audio sessions, workbooks and guided visualizations to support you in pregnancy, birth and motherhood after infertility.
What I know from my own fertility journey and from working with 1000s of women from around the world is this…
It IS essential that you find balance while navigating your treatment cycle by spending time connecting with that which you TRULY desire. 

Inviting in new thoughts, beliefs, images, energy and outcomes into your mind, body and spirit. 

ESPECIALLY when going through IVF, FET and Egg Donation!
Feeling Into and Visualizing…
  • Lots of healthy happy eggs
  • Beautiful embryos
  • Your little embryo(s) snuggling in to your lush love-filled womb 
  • Your big beautiful belly growing week by week
  • Holding your sweet baby in your arms 
  • ​And seeing your family as you so deeply desire it to be in your heart!  
When you do this, not only does it support your mental and emotional fertility... 
It supports your physical fertility, egg and womb health, balancing and supporting your hormones, as well as connecting you with the spirit of your baby.
Which Increases YOUR Chances of Pregnancy!
ONE Embryo Is All It Took
 "Hi Molly! I did all the visualizations constantly and I really believe they were the key in me becoming pregnant! I didn’t respond that well to the IVF drugs and we were left with exactly ONE embryo. Just a solitary one. But one was enough! We have had two previous failures so I cannot thank you enough." - Sarah
I Had My Baby Boy!
 "I have been wanting to also tell you that I had my baby boy! He's my miracle baby! We finally decided to use an egg donor while all along using a sperm donor as well. It worked on the first try! I'm really grateful for your course as well as all the positive messages you always put out. I have referred many of my patients (I'm an Acupuncturist) to your program. Again, so happy for your news! -Sally 
  • You are going through fertility treatments like IVF or Egg Donation. 
  • You want to give yourself the best chance at the best possible outcome during your first or next treatment cycle. 
  • You’ve already been through several unsuccessful cycles and know that you need to do something different.
  • You feel overwhelmed, scared and are perhaps even dreading your next treatment cycle.
  • You want to make your IVF or Egg Donation cycle feel less medical and more special. 
  •  You want specific action steps to take during each phase of your first or next fertility treatment cycle.
WEEKLY SESSIONS: Each week you'll be sent an email with the details for one of core sessions designed around navigating the different phases of your fertility treatment cycle. You can listen to the session as you move through your cycle or to prepare in advance. 

GUIDED VISUALIZATIONS: Each session has a transformational guided visualizations customized specifically to go with each phase of your fertility treatment cycle so that you’re maximizing your results and fertility physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. (Extra visualizations will be created for FET and Egg Donation)

WORKBOOKS: You'll also get weekly workbooks filled with affirmations, journaling prompts and quick tips to shift your thinking in the moment as you navigate the ins and outs of your cycle! 

DOWNLOADS AND LIFETIME ACCESS: You’ll receive video and mp3 downloads of all the sessions, as well as visualizations, so they are super easy to access and use both during and in preparation for your cycle. You’ll have unlimited access to all of the sessions. They are yours for as long as you need them! 
Your mind CAN and DOES impact your fertility and chances of pregnancy.
Especially when you're feeling the added stresses and pressure of IVF, FET and Egg Donation.

And I've truly found the best thing a women can do while going through fertility treatments is to have the proper mental and emotional support and tools to navigate the emotional ups and downs of the journey! 
If you're feeling called to join FERTILIZE I truly hope that you'll follow your YES and join me NOW! 

Because, Love, it’s time for you to get the tools, inspiration, love and support so that you give yourself the best possible chance of success in your first or next IVF, FET, or Egg Donation cycle.  

Love and hugs,

Are YOU ready to add a powerful guided fertility visualization practice to your fertility treatment regimen, as well as have tons of tools to support you each step of the way as you navigate your treatment cycle?

>> $697 <<

  • 6 sessions designed specifically around each phase of your fertility treatment cycle
  • 6+ guided visualizations customized specifically to go with each phase of the fertility treatment cycle so that you’re maximizing your results and fertility physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. Visualization for IVF, FET and Egg Donation.  
  • 6 weekly workbooks filled with affirmations, journaling prompts and quick tips to shift your thinking in the moment as you navigate the ins and outs of your treatment cycle 
  • Fertility Treatment Q&A Replay 
  • BONUS: Spiritual Embryo: A bonus Master Class with Spirit Baby Medium Kelly Meehan  (Value $167)
  • BONUS: You’re Not a Failure Bonus Session (Value $147)
  • BONUS: Spirit Baby Sessions (Value $347)
  • BONUS: Preparing For Pregnancy After Infertility Course (Value $347)
REFUND POLICY: Please note that because of the unique nature of FERTILIZE and that you get instant access to the entire course and bonuses once you enroll all sales will be final and no refunds will be provided. If you have any questions please email us a before enrolling.
About Molly Nichols 
Molly Nichols is a renowned fertility coach, healer, and teacher who specializes in educating women on how to uncover and heal the deeper mental, emotional, and spiritual causes of infertility through the use of fertility visualizations, spiritual practices, and an understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection to fertility.

Molly helps women connect with a deeper sense of self, heal from the past, trust in the inner wisdom of their bodies, and open their hearts and wombs to conception, thereby deepening their connection with the spirit of their baby.

Her unique approach to healing infertility has supported countless women around the world in becoming pregnant and in finding their unique pathway to motherhood.
Molly's own personal seven-year fertility journey ended joyfully with the birth of her twins who were conceived through IVF, and two years later, Molly became pregnant for a second time - naturally! Molly is now the proud Mama of three wonderful souls. She attributes both of her pregnancies to the use of fertility visualizations and the healing powers of the mind-body-spirit connection, techniques she now teaches and shares with the world. ​ @ 2018 - Fertilize  Privacy | Terms | Disclaimers